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Building a Better Indoor Playground in Illinois: The Funtopia Story

Building a Better Indoor Playground in Illinois Naperville Glenview


Highlights in this blog:

  1. Conveniently Located in Naperville: Funtopia Naperville is the perfect destination for families looking for an indoor playground near me. Explore the facility’s prime location and discover how easy it is to access hours of entertainment and excitement without straying far from home.
  2. Safety at the Forefront: Explore how Funtopia Naperville prioritizes safety within its indoor playground in Illinois. From rigorous equipment inspections to comprehensive staff training, learn how they ensure a secure environment where children can play freely and parents can relax with peace of mind.
  3. Safety Meets Adventure: Explore how Funtopia Naperville seamlessly combines safety and adventure in its indoor playground in Illinois. Learn about the stringent safety standards adhered to, ensuring a worry-free environment for children to explore and play to their heart’s content.


If you like to stay active, be healthy, and have fun, Funtopia is the place to be! Our indoor playground in Illinois hosts birthday parties, corporate events, and a climbing academy, along with special events to keep you moving, burning calories, and having fun.

How it All Began: The History of Funtopia

Founded in 2016 and 2018, Funtopia indoor playground in Illinois is more than just a kid’s indoor playground; it’s a complete activity center with dozens of events for kids and adults. 

Our founders have a background in the climbing industry and wanted to use that knowledge and their passion for engaging physically with the world to help kids and adults stay active and healthy. Funtopia’s indoor playground in Illinois fits that bill.

The Funtopia brand is a globally recognized and trusted entity and a world-class destination for fun and excitement for kids of all ages.  About ten years ago, the founders opened a facility in Naperville, Illinois, and more recently, another in Glenview, Illinois.

The Mission Behind an Indoor Playground in Illinois

Funtopia is all about staying active. The key to living well is being mentally and physically active. Our indoor playground in Illinois offers different types of activities to stimulate both the physical and mental aspects of every person and, at the same time, have some fun!

Too much of today’s world involves sitting in front of screens. Alternatively, our Funtopia activity centers challenge kids and adults while entertaining them with games and attractions that allow them to move and feel free. Our goal is to be highly interactive and engage each visitor with an experience they won’t forget. 

We get our visitors personally involved in the excitement to feed their bodies and spirit and provide a surprisingly enjoyable time moving, climbing, jumping, exploring, and competing. Our overall goal is to help people find an activity that is right for them and that they enjoy. 

The Funtopia World of Recreation

Every Funtopia indoor playground in Illinois is bright, modern, and inviting. We offer a wide variety of activities, events, and options. Some of the most appealing activities include:

We offer many other entertainment diversions, all properly supervised by our highly trained expert staff.

Funtopia’s Mission

Funtopia is so much more than a kid’s indoor playground. It’s a way of life to stay mentally and physically healthy through active play. 

Our mission is based on four basic principles:

  1. Making the Physical Enjoyable: Not everyone is naturally inclined to move. Funtopia’s attractions make it easy for everyone to join the fun and create positive associations between exercise and entertainment.
  2. Adventures Just Around the Corner: Depending on where you live, you may not have easy access to the outdoors. Funtopia brings outdoor adventures to kids and adults no matter where they are located.
  3. Celebration: We love celebrations! Funtopia has so much to do and see; it’s a great place to bring the whole family for a birthday celebration or host your next corporate event. Our activities are great for team building. The safe and welcoming environment encourages kids and parents to have fun, be active, and feel safe.
  4. Value: We understand the value of a dollar, and families need to maximize their spending. Therefore, we have developed our pricing structure with that in mind, and we strive to keep costs fair, making our indoor playground in Illinois accessible to anyone. 

An Indoor Play Place Centered on Health and Fun

Many kids’ indoor play centers are filled with video games and screen-oriented entertainment. Funtopia is committed to keeping children and adults engaged and having fun while improving their health

Research studies have shown that regular exercise results in better flexibility, improved reflexes, weight management, and reduced risk of heart disease and other health issues.

Additionally, physical recreation improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.

During child development, physical activity is essential to strengthen muscles, bones, and aerobic growth. Experts recommend roughly sixty minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise daily. 

Families that prioritize health and well-being love Funtopia. It combines fun activities for everyone in an environment where you can move and exercise, and it feels like play.

Why People Love Funtopia: The Best Indoor Playground in Illinois

Funtopia is a well-rounded activity center for kids of all ages. We host many different types of events that offer a healthy alternative to screen-centered activities. Some of our more popular events include:

Birthday Parties

Funtopia was designed to enrich kids’ lives and aid in their growth. We offer birthday party packages for any age, size, and theme. We can handle any type of party you can dream up. Contact our birthday party coordinator for more details.

Adult Events

Consider hosting your next corporate team-building event at Funtopia. We offer dozens of attractions that work perfectly for strengthening team spirit and tightening company bonds. We can help you plan your next office outing that will thrill your employees.

Enrichment Programs

We are committed to a child’s healthy development. In that spirit, we have designed enrichment programs to help kids learn and grow while engaging with the world physically. The fitness knowledge they learn will stay with them for a lifetime and hopefully help them live healthier lives. All our programs are based on having fun and staying healthy.

Safety and Fun Go Hand-in-Hand

We care deeply about the safety and well-being of all our guests. Everyone who visits receives thorough instruction and training before playing any of the games or engaging in activities. In addition, our highly trained supervision staff carefully monitors all our attractions. 

Indoor Playgrounds in Illinois: Fun For Today’s Families

Today’s families are looking for something more than just a distraction. They want to help their kids live better lives, which begins with being active. Funtopia’s indoor playground in Illinois is just the place to fill that void. We believe strongly in the power of movement. Our entire fun center was built around action-oriented activities to get people moving. 

Not only do we educate kids and parents on the benefits of activity and health we also partner with our communities to further our cause of positive health and well-being through movement.  

Visit Funtopia Naperville today to see what all the fuss is about!

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