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Move up - It's good for you!

It is no secret, climbing is our thing! We have countless reasons to believe that it is the best activity for all ages. The earlier you start the more fun it is and the more benefits you are goin to get out of . In fact, we are so much into it that we designed more than 50 different fun interactive walls – with fun and stimulating challenges that will entertain everybody from  toddlers to grandmas. 

Life is movement. To be healthy, we need to move. The more we move, the more we are investing in our well being, both physical and mental.  We all know that modern life is making us increasingly sedentary. The abundance of screen-based entertainment available at very young age is not helping this tendency. But to make people like to move, we believe it should be fun and – like any good habit – we should start at an early age. It is true that all sports and physical activities have their advantages but rock climbing seems to be the champion when it comes to health benefits, efficiency and overall fun.

Imagine if you could climb a dinosaur skeleton, the walls of a medieval castle, or if you want to pretend to be a fireman and climb a building like a real hero. Imagine if you could combine all the physical benefits of fun climbing but also make it mentally stimulating with puzzles and games. All of that is possible at Funtopia! With more than 50 interactive walls – all differently themed, we guarantee you will love the experience.

Requirements: Minimum weight 35 lbs maximum weight 350 lbs • closed toe shoes required – no sandals, flip flops or high heels.