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At Funtopia, we believe that being active, both physically and mentally, is the main ingredient to a healthy and happy life. For this reason, we have designed a STEAM program which stimulates minds and muscles at the same time. The program incorporates multiple Funtopia attractions and allows kids to experiment what they learned through fun and play. We bring the entertainment into the equation of STEAM education.

Funtopia Active STEAM Program teaches children how their bodies and the surrounding world affect their physical activities. It also shows kids how they can improve their physical skills by being aware of those challenges. The Funtopia STEAM Program is a fantastic setting for your children to develop and thrive.

Wait, what is STEAM again? Steam is and acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. These subjects are the ones on which future workforce will strongly rely on. The program is organized within 6-week semester with sessions twice a week. The sessions are divided into half theory and half practice. The kids will be organized in small groups allowing them to better focus and communicate with instructors and each other.