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Amusement Parks in Illinois: The Essentials

Amusement parks in Illinois

When they want to find entertainment for the family, Chicago residents have a wide range of amusement parks in Illinois to choose from. From outdoor extravaganzas to indoor amusement parks, Illinois has plenty to offer Mom, Dad, and kids.

There’s something for everyone looking for amusement parks in Illinois, and with some information and guidance, it can be easy for parents to find the right option for their kids and add some adventure to their day.

  • Santa’s Village.
  • Six Flags Great America
  • Navy Pier.
  • Great Wolf Lodge Water Park.

1. Santa’s Village

The spirit of Christmas can be more than a once-a-year experience for Chicago families. Santa’s Village Amusement & Water Park delivers something different than the typical amusement parks in Illinois with their holiday-themed attractions.

Located in East Dundee, this adventure park near Glenview and other Chicago neighborhoods makes Christmas its business all year. Roller coasters, water slides, and other attractions are built to bring the joy of Santa to every person who visits.

What’s the Cost?

Santa’s Village can be a fun diversion, no matter the season. Like other amusement parks in Illinois, though, visitors should always consider cost before they set out.

Expect tickets at Santa’s Village to run at least $32.99 per person. The prices can be higher for adults — keep those expenses in mind when planning a day at the park.

2. Six Flags Great America

When Chicago families think about amusement parks in Illinois, Six Flags is often at the top of the list of potential destinations. The Six Flags parks are known nationwide, with locations in or near large metropolitan centers on both coasts and points in between.

Chicago’s no exception. Six Flags Great America is located outside the city in nearby Gurnee, and it’s long been a place for thrills and excitement, with massive roller coasters and other attractions.

How Much Does This Adventure Action Park in Illinois Cost?

multiple days. Crowds can be an issue on some of the more popular rides, and parents might consider planning their trip on slower days for amusement parks in Illinois to minimize wait times.

Prices for the fun can add up, too. Tickets start at about $35.00, and extras and add-ons can push the costs higher quickly, especially for large groups.

3. Navy Pier

Regarding convenience and ease of access, there aren’t many sizeable outdoor amusement parks in Illinois that can compete with Navy Pier. It’s been a Chicago mainstay for decades, and it’s part of the city’s skyline and flavor.

Navy Pier calls downtown Chicago its home and is a quick train or bus ride away for most of the city’s residents. The venue is most famous for its enormous Ferris wheel that dominates the park, but it offers plenty of other attractions and entertainment as well.

Important Information on Parking

This adventure park near Naperville and almost all other Chicago suburbs is known for its convenient central location. For public transit, that can work well.

Remember that downtown Chicago can challenge families with cars, though. It’s best to map out the trip ahead of time, identify and reserve a spot in a parking lot near Navy Pier, and factor parking expense into the overall cost of the visit.

4. Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Sometimes, kids want to cut loose and have a good time in the water. Great Wolf Lodge Water Park was designed with them in mind and has become one of the top amusement parks in Illinois in the years since it opened.

Great Wolf Lodge is located in Gurnee and is a massive place with more than 80,000 square feet of water play, including slides, river rides, and pools. The park is entirely indoors and is temperature-controlled so that it can be a family destination all year.

Details on Tickets

Parents should take ticket prices at Great Wolf Lodge into account when preparing for a trip there. 

A half-day pass costs $40 per visitor. A full day at the park will run even more; plan to pay $50 for each person to spend all day at Great Wolf Lodge.

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